P24 has established cooperation with the “Kobiety e-biznesu” Foundation


“Kobiety E-biznesu” activity

“Kobiety E-biznesu” Foundation through its actions educates women in running a business, supports them in their professional development, helps to set up a company (especially on e-commerce environment), promotes employment and professional activation. The founders of this organization, using their experience and knowledge, want to build a e-learning platform that will help in the development of e-businesses.

Widely available knowledge bases

Thanks to the combined experience of experts, it is possible to spread comprehensive knowledge, among others in the field of e-commerce. On the official YouTube channel new videos on issues such as SEO or building your own e-shop appear regularly. Thanks to that anyone who is interested in improving themselves has a chance to gain information and inspiration in an easy way. Soon, an interview with P24’s Customer Relations Director, Katarzyna Sikorska will appear, which will consider the topic of implementing payments in the online store.

The power of women's cooperation

The Foundation's actions are targeted at women which are beginning their professional career or want to change and develop further. In both cases help of more experienced specialists or up-to-date information about the world of e-commerce could be useful. We strongly support this kind of initiatives and in the near future we will provide more details regarding our co-op with “Kobiety e-biznesu”.


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