Przelewy24 is the partner of the new report "Omni-commerce. Kupuję wygodnie."


P24 is the main partner of the fifth edition of the report, which was enriched this year by the purchasing behaviour of consumers influenced by COVID-19.

Positive changes

The report shows that we are buying online even more often than a year ago - the percentage of online shoppers increased by +15p.p. It means that 72% of Internet users in Poland are e-customers. In addition, buyers have increased the frequency of online shopping, which might have been caused due to recent restrictions in offline points. Another optimistic fact is the increase in the value of the e-basket. From 67% to 78% of consumers buying online (depending on the category) say that the value of their shopping cart is the same or higher than when shopping offline. What this means is that people in Poland are no longer afraid of more expensive e-shopping, and their willingness to spend time in the online world is increasing.

Safety is important

The customer preferences regarding delivery and payment methods are also worthy of observation. Polish consumers more and more often order goods to dedicated delivery points - parcel locker, coolers, refrigerators. This trend is particularly noticeable nowadays, during a pandemic. As regards payment methods, compared to 2019, the most popular were secure, convenient and fast payment methods - BLIK and Pay-by-link.

What else?

Other aspects concerning purchases and consumer preferences such as foreign purchases, are included in the full report "Omni Commerce. Kupuję wygodnie." which is available here. The report was prepared by Mobile Institute on request of the Chamber of the Digital Economy.


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