"Polish e-commerce 2020" report by Przelewy24


"Polish e-commerce 2020" is a report that summarises the past year from the perspective of the b2c sector. The study was commissioned to the Kanta/Sifo survey agency by Przelewy24 and Nets.

The topics covered in the report include customers’ purchasing habits concerning physical goods, services, and tourism. In the face of the pandemic, shopping needs have changed, and the value of the e-market has increased by 100% compared to 2019, which is undoubtedly related to the restrictions in offline commerce in 2020.

- The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on every aspect of e-commerce. Restrictions in the social and economic area have accelerated the digital transformation of many companies. They have contributed to the industry's dynamic development, transfer of businesses to the online world and increased demand for online shopping – says Jacek Kinecki, Przelewy24’s CCO.

Physical goods constituted the largest share of the online market – as much as 74%. In this category, the most popular items were clothes and cosmetics. The highest income was generated in the electronics/household appliances sector.

The report also analysed cross-border shopping, reasons for abandoning shopping carts, popularity of mobile devices in e-commerce, and the ecological aspect of online shopping.

The study shows that customers are at home in the world of e-commerce, boldly make purchasing decisions and eagerly use a wide range of available payment methods and solutions.

Changes in the e-commerce sector, purchasing and payment trends directly related to the pandemic have been described in greater detail and analysed in the "Polish e-commerce 2020" report.

Link to the report (available in Polish) here.


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