New payment method - P24NOW from Przelewy24


Przelewy24, in cooperation with Santander Consumer Bank, introduce a new payment method – P24NOW.

Careful observation of the market and expectations of business partners and the b2c segment resulted in the P24NOW product. It is a generally available "three-in-one" payment method – a renewable limit up to PLN 10,000, deferred payment up to 54 days and favourable instalments. You can choose the method of repayment each time you pay for your purchases with P24NOW.

We follow market trends and expectations. Deferred payments have been gaining popularity recently. We want to give the client great flexibility when it comes to choosing the payment method. The combination of a revolving limit, instalments and deferred payments is a friendly, convenient product in which the customers decide how they want to pay for purchases. For our business partners, this is an opportunity to increase conversion and the shopping cart value, which will ultimately translate into business profitability – says Jacek Kinecki, Przelewy24’s CCO.

What is important is that the seller receives the payment immediately after the purchase without worrying about the formalities between the customer and the bank. And these are also kept to a minimum. The activation procedure is quick and friendly. The customer fills out the application only once and uses the granted limit during the next shopping. The constant availability of funds in the virtual wallet enables taking advantage of bargains and provides security in the event of unforeseen expenses.

The P24NOW limit is a response to today's consumers’ trends – customers expect quick access to financing of all types of goods, services or subscriptions, without having to fill in loan applications every time. We understand the needs of our customers and that is why, together with Przelewy24, we have developed a solution that gives access to flexible, renewable, round-the-clock financing, thanks to which the payment for e-purchases can be postponed or divided into convenient instalments. We want our clients to have a sense of freedom when making online purchases, knowing that the market experts – Przelewy24 and Santander Consumer Bank – are responsible for the security of their payments – comments Piotr Dolata, Member of the Management Board of Santander Consumer Bank, responsible for the sale of consumer loans.

Activating P24NOW in the store does not require additional formalities or development work on the merchants’ part. The product has been designed so that business partners and buyers alike are provided with comfort, safety and ease of use at every stage.

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