The new form of Spark payment


Spark system is the first in Poland to introduce a contactless mobile payment model with an e-receipt service for in-store sales. Additionally, it is already possible to issue electronic fiscal receipts for online sales. A payment solution dedicated for e-commerce will be available soon.

The Spark e-receipt service is the only service on the market that meets legal requirements, fully replaces paper receipts and will soon be available to every store equipped with an online fiscal device. The solution, already available in traditional trade for all users of devices with Android and iOS systems, will also be used in online sales.

Thanks to the repository of e-receipts, proofs of purchase will be more durable, easier to find, and the way they are generated, stored and made available guarantees an appropriate level of security and privacy for the buyer.

The boundaries between online and offline commerce are becoming increasingly blurred. Cooperation and implementation of the Spark system allow us, for the first time, to make electronic payments in traditional commerce without a card terminal, which offers benefits for both parties of the transaction, such as the lower cost of payment processing – comments Jacek Kinecki, Przelewy24’s CCO, who is in charge of effecting payments in the Spark system.


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