Przelewy24 helps children’s dreams come true

Fingers crossed for all the children in care of the Foundation! We are happy to have an opportunity to support this noble initiative.


Children`s Fantasy Foundation is one of the first Public-Benefit Organisations in Poland. Since 2003, it has made the dreams of over 4500 terminally and chronically ill children come true. Over 1000 children are still waiting for their turn. The power of a dream come true gives children and their families strength to fight for health and life, which is why we are so eager to participate in this project.

Przelewy24 Team


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eDukat award for P24

We are very thankful for honoring our work!
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COVID -19. Information on ensuring continuity of P24 service

The Company has implemented appropriate mechanisms and processes that have helped to prepare the organization and its Employees to deal with and manage possible disruptions caused by COVID-19.
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Przelewy24 merger with Dotpay and eCard

Przelewy24, Dotpay and eCard, market-leading online payments operators, begin to cooperate.