Przelewy24 awarded in the Złoty Bankier plebiscite

Złoty Bankier is the Poland's largest ranking of banking service quality, product quality, CSR engagement of banks and the most innovative services and products available on the market.

During the 9th Bankier Gala, next to the traditional banking categories, the Golden Fintech for non-bank financial operators was also awarded - for the first time in the history of the plebiscite.

The Złoty Fintech statuette in the category "Payment Integrator in the Internet" for the highest level of service, went to the Przelewy24.

The award is a great distinction for us, because it was granted on the basis of surveys conducted among users, who alongside experts, used the services of operators and assessed the quality of service in three stages - information search, transaction and after-sales service.

The Przelewy24 Team


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eDukat award for P24

We are very thankful for honoring our work!
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COVID -19. Information on ensuring continuity of P24 service

The Company has implemented appropriate mechanisms and processes that have helped to prepare the organization and its Employees to deal with and manage possible disruptions caused by COVID-19.
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Przelewy24 merger with Dotpay and eCard

Przelewy24, Dotpay and eCard, market-leading online payments operators, begin to cooperate.